8 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Municipal Utilities District?
A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is a local governmental entity created and regulated by the State. Its general purposes are to finance, own and operate water, wastewater and drainage systems. MUD’s may, among other things, incur debt, levy taxes, charge for services and adopt rules for those services, enter into contracts, obtain easements, and condemn property in order to accomplish their purposes.

2. How best can one contact our MUD #5?
The MUD is best contracted through its General Manager and Operator, Crossroads Utility Services (Robert Anderson, (512) 246-5918; randerson@crossroadsus.com

3. How are our MUD Bills calculated?
The MUD sewer bills are calculated based upon a customer’s winter average water usage. The MUD first determines the amount of water that was used at the customer’s home during the months of December, January and February of each year (the winter averaging period) as shown by the meter readings of the LCRA. The sewer bill is then calculated based upon the amount of water used during the two lowest water usage months during the winter averaging period. If no winter average is available, because a house was occupied after the winter averaging period, a flat volume of 8,000 gallons is utilized. Once a winter average is established, the winter average volume replaces the assigned volume. If, at any time, actual water use is less than the winter average volume, the sewer bill is based upon the lesser amount.

4. What is the easiest way to pay our bill?
Currently, sewer bills may be paid by check, money order or online payment.

5. How many MUD Board members exist?
The MUD is governed by a Board of five directors who serve staggered four-year terms.

6. When are the MUD board member elections?
MUD Board Member elections are held on the uniform election date in November of even-numbered years.

7. What are the MUD Board members paid?
MUD Board members receive a per diem of $150 for attendance at each Board meeting. This per diem is set by State law.

8. What role does Crossroads Utility Services serve?
Crossroads Utility Services is the MUD’s General Manager and Utility Operator.