Community Information

Highpointe HOA

The HOA works to maintain the quality of life at Highpointe. The HOA sponsors community events and maintains common areas such as neighborhood parks and the Highpointe entryway. The HOA also represents Highpointe in dealing with governmental agencies by giving input regarding new developments, open space and roadways around Highpointe.

Highpointe residents can access HOA documents and forms using the link below. To access these documents, first click on “Register” and fill out all the RED REQUIRED FIELDS. Under “Company,” enter your community name, i.e. Highpointe.

+Click here to access the Covenance Conditions and Restrictions forms
+Click here to access the HOA documents and forms from the community web portal


Utilities Information

Highpointe MUD Information

Highpointe is a part of Hays County MUD District #5. For frequently asked questions and more information, please click the links below:
+ 8 Frequently Asked Questions
+ Download details about Texas Water Districts (PDF)
+ Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) website